Small Business Permit Guide

The City Of Concord works to help small business owners grow and prosper by providing access to needed services. Information and web links on this page will connect you with a network of business-building resource organizations in Concord, Cabarrus County, North Carolina, and elsewhere in the nation.


Setting Up Shop - in Concord

The Setting Up Shop system provides step-by-step guidance as you prepare to open a new business, expand a business, build a new structure for your business, or relocate your business.


Minor Impact Business (Just Moving In)

  • If the intended use of your building is permitted by zoning.
  • If you are moving into an existing site that does not require exterior site upgrades or internal alterations such as the addition of restrooms, kitchen, or removing a wall.
  • If ownership of the business is changing.
  • If the name of the business is changing.

1.  Follow the procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Compliance.

2.  The Fire Department will schedule a fire inspection for the subject property.

3.  With a complete fire inspection, the City will issue the Certificate of Compliance.

4.  The Cabarrus County Construction Standards will inspect the facility to issue a Certificate of Occupancy.

5.  Power/utilities may now be placed in the new tenant’s name.


Advanced Impact Business (Constructing or Upfitting a Business)

  • If you are constructing a new building or expanding an existing building.
  • If you are upfitting the interior by installing/removing walls, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • If your business requires a Rezoning, Special Use Permit, or Certificate of Appropriateness

1.  Contact the Plan Review staff and describe your objectives.

2.  Possible procedures/permits include:

  • Rezoning
  • Special Use Permit
  • Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)
  • Temporary Use Permit
  • Certificate of Nonconformity
  • Plan review for an interior upfit
  • Temporary power permit
  • Plan review for exterior improvements
  • Grading permit
  • Zoning Clearance Permit (ZCP)
  • Driveway permit
  • Sign permit
  • Stormwater permit
  • ABC permit
  • State or federal level approvals from agencies such as DOT or FEMA