Urban Forestry

Oak Tree at CemeteryThe Urban Forestry Division is responsible for maintaining the trees within City parks, greenways, and facilities. We review and inspect residential and commercial development to ensure that tree/landscape requirements of the Concord Development Ordinance are established and maintained.  Click here to view our City Tree Ordinance.  


It is the Urban Forestry Division’s mission to have well-maintained forest space in our communities, City facilities, parks, and greenways that will allow residents to enjoy all the benefits that trees provide and will create attractive venues to improve business traffic and increase property value. Concord understands the importance of having healthy trees and greenspace to reduce airborne pollutants, reduce surface temperatures, control soil erosion, and slow surface water runoff in our City.

For Residents

The Urban Forestry Department maintains trees in parks, greenways and city facilities and property. We do not perform tree care on private property trees. The City Arborist may be contacted by city residents for general advice with tree care issues on their property.

To report tree concerns on City Properties or near City utilities please call 704-920-5555 to have your request directed to the proper city department.

For Business

The City of Concord has tree and landscape requirements that shall be established and maintained on commercial and industrial business property within our city. These requirements lie within Article 11 of the Concord Development Ordinance.  Sections 11.3 and 11.8.4 are good starting points to determine the landscape requirements for your business.

For Developers

Tree and landscape requirements for proposed land development may be discussed free of charge, from the City’s review staff each Thursday during the regularly scheduled Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting. For further details and scheduling requirements, please Click Here. For a landscape plan pre submittal checklist Click Here.

Our Tree Ordinance protects trees on public property and has landscape restriction for public utilities.

Bill Leake
City Arborist

Susan Sessler
Buildings & Grounds Director

Joel White
Buildings & Grounds
Deputy Director