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Property owners may petition the City to annex their property into the city limits of Concord.

Schedule for Annexation Hearings

North Carolina General Statutes pertaining to annexations

Fee for Voluntary Annexation Petition

List of Annexations in Concord


To petition for annexation

  1. Fill out this Petition for Annexation, save as a pdf, and submit the pdf in Accela.
  2. Apply using Accela
  3. And deliver an original signed copy of the petition to our office.


Frequently Asked Questions

My property is not connected to the primary city limits of Concord.  Can I still petition for annexation?

Yes, but certain requirements must be met under North Carolina General Statute 160A-58.1(b). 

  • The nearest point on the proposed satellite corporate limits must be not more than three miles from the primary corporate limits of the annexing city.

  • No point on the proposed satellite corporate limits may be closer to the primary corporate limits of another city than to the primary corporate limits of the annexing city

  • The area must be so situated that the annexing city will be able to provide the same services within the proposed satellite corporate limits that it provides within its primary corporate limits.

  • If the area proposed for annexation, or any portion thereof, is a subdivision as defined in G.S. 160A-376, all of the subdivision must be included.

In what methods can cities in North Carolina annex property?

There are three methods in which an annexation may occur:

  1. Voluntary annexation - the property owner petitions the City to annex the property.
  2. Annexation Initiated by the City - the City itself may initiate the annexation of an area.  However, General Statutes specify that this must be based on the results of a referendum vote of registered voters who reside in the proposed annexation area.  Other procedures and time requirements must be followed.
  3. Annexation by the NC General Assembly - the General Assembly itself may pass a law that annexes certain property into the corporate limits of a city.