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Solid Waste Services:  Meeting the challenges for waste collection and recycling every day.

If you have not done so already, please visit or download the CARTology mobile app to sign up for service alerts and other solid waste notifications.  

The City of Concord contracts residential garbage, recycling, and bulky waste collection.  As of July 1, 2022, a Solid Waste fee in the amount of $3.31 will be charged to each customer's monthly utility bill.  The fee will cover increased costs to the Solid Waste program associated with the City's collection contract and the processing of recyclables. 

The services we provide ensure compliance with North Carolina and US EPA solid waste regulations while maintaining cost effective services to all our customers.

Yard Waste Changes Effective July 2022

Beginning Tuesday, July 5, 2022, Solid Waste Services will require the use of compostable, brown paper yard waste bags or individually-owned containers for any loose yard waste (this does not affect limbs or limb piles).   This change has several benefits to Solid Waste employees and their productivity:

  • Eliminates health and safety hazards experienced by staff with lifting bags, cutting bags and standing extensively behind the truck on route

  • Eases lifting compostable yard waste bags, as they do not retain water/condensation and cannot be tied

  • Improves work conditions (reduced lifting and odor from tied plastic bags)

  • Eliminates use of plastic as an environmental impact to our landfill

  • Increases efficiency in route completion due to elimination of cutting bags - saves approximately 5 hours per day of work.  The changes also avoids related costs of one new yard waste route that was originally budgeted to add due to growth (over $275,000 in operating costs)

Where residents can purchase bags:
Brown/paper lawn bags can be purchased at local discount, hardware and home improvement stores (such as Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.), and many online retailers.

Free, monthly yard waste bag giveaways:
Approximately 800 to 1,000 bags will be given away per month at City facilities  (click here for schedule).  Bags will be first come, first served on give-away days with a limit of 5 per family.  Stickers with "YARD WASTE" labeled will also be given out to residents who prefer to use their own reusable containers. 

Use of Personal Containers: 
If interested, the purchase and use of a container is at the expense of the resident: it must follow current guidelines of 44 gallons or less, with 2 handles, and clearly marked for Yard Waste. Containers will be returned to the curb after collection.  If the City damages or accidentally takes an individual cart, the request will go through the Risk Management claim process.  City will be responsible for damages, replacement, or reimbursement if determined at fault.

Additional Guidelines:
Residents are currently not required (and will not be required) to collect or bag loose yard waste.

No limits on the number of brown paper bags/containers set out for disposal (no changes from current guidelines).

No impact on weekly limb collection or seasonal Loose Leaf collection.

Green, plastic biodegradable bags are not accepted by our Yard Waste processor.

2023 Recycling & Bulky Waste Calendar

Calendar of Paper Yard Waste Bag Giveaway Events


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