Scavenging & Illegal Dumping

Please report the following activities to the Customer Care Center at 704-920-5555.

Have you Observed any of the Following:

  • Someone going through your recycling cart to retrieve aluminum cans?
  • A construction worker bringing home scrap lumber for the City to collect?
  • Anyone bringing home tires from their business for City collection?
  • A carpet installer bringing home scrap carpet for City collection?
  • A lawn care service putting grass bags from outside the City in front of your house for City collection?
  • Scavengers putting old picture tubes left from TVs out for collection?
  • A tree service dumping limbs in front of a vacant house or on a vacant lot?

If you have seen any of these practices, you have witnessed someone stealing your tax money. These practices end up increasing the cost of your solid waste service. We need your help to stop these illegal practices. Should you witness scavenging and/or illegal dumping in your neighborhood please report what you saw. Without drawing unwanted attention to yourself:

  • Try to get a license number and/or the company name from the truck.
  • Note the make, model and color of the truck.
  • If you know the person’s name or can provide a description, this information is important.
  • Look at your clock so you can remember the time this occurred.
  • Immediately call 704-920-5555 to report what you have seen. After hours, your call will be transferred to someone on duty or you will be given an opportunity to leave a recorded message.
  • You can remain anonymous. Help us keep your waste collection service costs low and report any illegal activity you observe.

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