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Sidewalk Maintenance

The Transportation Department maintains over 275 miles of sidewalk throughout the City. In addition to the continuous sidewalk repair work conducted internally, the Transportation Department puts out an annual Sidewalk Repair contract to help improve sidewalk condition throughout the City. The FY22 contract was awarded to Carolina Siteworks and will commence early 2022.   The sidewalk repairs have been designated along Church St, Killarney Ave., and Union St. N. For questions or concerns please contact

Street Maintenance

The Transportation Department currently holds two ongoing street maintenance contracts until the completion of the 2020-2021 contract in mid-August 2021. The new street maintenance contract for fiscal year 2021-2022 is commencing in June, 2021, and will last six-months from the initial let date. Both contracts include full resurfacing of some streets, and preservation techniques (crack seal or patching) applied to others based on the severity of the road conditions.

The maps linked below show what streets have been designated for resurfacing within the given time-period. Check back to track the progress on the map and see what streets will be under construction next. Street symbology on the map will change based on the status of the road (Completed, In-progress, Scheduled), and the corresponding infographics will track how close the maintenance is to being complete.

under Design:

The Pedestrian Improvement Program (PIP) is a City wide initiative to indentify sidewalk needs and enhance pedestrian connectivity. Missing sidewalk segments are scored based upon criteria related to safety, connectivity and pedestrian generators. The overall score guides the prioritizeation of future sidewalk project areas within the City of Concord as funding allows.

In 2019, the City approved increasing the funding for PIP projects from one-hundred and fifty thousand dollars to five-hundred thoursand dollars annually in order to increase the effectiveness of the program. Since this funding change, the Transportation Department has identified the first top priority project area under the new scoring methodology, located around the Glenn Center and the Boys and Girls club near downtown Concord. The sidewalk design contract has already been awarded and project will be ready to undergo construction as funds become available.

To complete a sidewalk request CLICK HERE. 
Project Area Map (Crowell St, Cedar St, Glen Ave)













under construction: 


Future projects:

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