How do I report a problem or make a request?

Please fill out a Contact Form for your topic of inquiry and it will be routed accordingly.

Can I get a speed bump?

The installation of vertical deflection devices is not allowed on City maintained streets to avoid any possible conflicts with emergency response time and snow removal routes. Please see the Traffic Calming Policy for additional details. 

How do I find out who maintains my road?

A quick and easy way to see who maintains your road is to visit the interactive Streets Maintenance map, which is updated annually. For the most up to date road maintenance information please complete a Contact Form.

How do I apply for a driveway permit?

To apply for a driveway permit, please submit a driveway application form and plans showing the location and dimensions of the proposed improvements to the Engineering Department at 635 Alfred Brown Jr. Ct. Two copies are required for access to City streets. Six copies are required for access to State streets, along with six copies of a completed N.C. DOT driveway permit form.

Can I make a sidewalk request?

The City of Concord has an extensive Pedestrian Improvement Program (PIP) in place to identify sidewalk needs and enhance pedestrian connectivity. Missing sidewalk segments are scored based upon criteria related to safety, connectivity, and pedestrian generators. The overall score guides the prioritization of future sidewalk project areas within the City of Concord as funding allows.

If you would like to make a sidewalk request, please fill out the Sidewalk Request Form.

What is the City’s Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) Ordinance?

A Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) is a study that is required by a private developer to analyze the impacts that the proposed development would have on the road network. It helps to identify necessary improvements (if any) to offset those impacts to the transportation infrastructure. The new TIA Ordinance helps create a consistent standard among the development community, citizens, and staff to ensure minimum requirements for development approvals are met. The full Technical Standards Manual (TSM) Article VIII Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) can be viewed here. For more information, please contact the Deputy Transportation Director (hustond@concordnc.gov).

How do I sign up for the Adopt-A-Street Program?

To sign up for the Adopt-A-Street Program please complete the Adopt-A-Street form and return to the Concord Transportation Department via mail: City of Concord, ATTN: Transportation Dept, 242 General Services Dr, Concord NC 28025. Completed forms can also be dropped off at this location. Please refer to the available streets list when considering your Adopt-A-Street selection.

If you would like to learn more about the program, please visit our Adopt-A-Street webpage!

What is the City’s Speed Limit Change Policy?

The purpose of this policy is to establish the criteria used to evaluate requests to reduce or increase the speed limit from the state statutory speed limit of 35 MPH on streets under the jurisdictional control of the City of Concord. The full policy can be viewed here.

What is the City’s Parking Restriction Policy?

The purpose of this policy is to establish clear guidelines for citizens and City staff to address requests and concerns related to parking along City streets. The full policy can be viewed here.

What is the City’s Traffic Calming Policy?

The City of Concord’s Traffic Calming Policy was developed to guide city staff and to inform residents of the process for implementing traffic calming in residential areas. The full policy can be viewed here.

How do I request to rename a City street?

In order to request a street name change you must complete and return the Street Name Request form to the Planning & Neighborhood Development Department.

NOTE: Petition for renaming of City-maintained streets requires a minimum of 80% of the property owners that front or take access from the subject street, sign the petition. Petitions with less than 80% signatures will not be accepted.

Can I request to use decorative sign assemblies?

All signs in the public Right of Way (ROW), not installed by the City of Concord, must be covered by an encroachment agreement and conform to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and the City's Decorative Sign Guidelines. Before an encroachment agreement can be accepted, a completed copy of the Non-Utility Encroachment Request form must be returned to the City of Concord Traffic Services Division. The request form must include; 1) detailed custom signpost design, 2) location of all custom signposts.

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