Rain Barrels

The modern day rain barrel is an old idea made new.  Its a simple way to harvest rain water and grow healthier plants and flowers.

rain barrel

These premium rain barrels fill from any size downspout into a Stainless Steel entry cover.  A solid Brass spigot connects easily to your garden hose or soaker hose.  A replaceable screen keeps insects out.  Two Brass overflow ports can connect to standard water hoses to divert excess water away from your home to nearby shrubbery areas.  Their design features ribbed sides for strength, and a removable top for easy spring cleaning.  The deep concave top channels water into the entry cover.   A screened entry prevents insects, leaves and debris from entering your rain barrel.  Your barrel refills with each rainfall.


Rain barrels can be purchased by water system customers by calling the City's Purchasing Department, 704-920-5440. 

The 60 gallon barrel is $90.95 (tax included).  
The 80 gallon barrel is $101.65 (tax included).

The 60 gallon rain barrel is 31 inches high and 28 inches wide.  This 80 gallon rain barrel is 37 inches high and 28 inches wide.  Made in North Carolina from high density polyethylene, these rain barrels will provide years of nourishment for healthy, beautiful plants.  Free of municipal chemicals, natural rainfall promotes better growth.

Build Your Own Rain Barrel

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