We are committed to Excellent Service.

Over 1,000 people in our organization spend every day focused on providing the services needed to keep our community moving.  Regardless of which department, all of Concord’s coworkers are committed to providing excellent, customer-focused service.  Nine principles help us deliver a high level of quality services: Concern for the Individual, Customer Focus, Fair and Equitable Service, Professional Service, Effective Communications, Taking Ownership, Timeliness, Teamwork, and Great Service Recovery.

Have you experienced great service from Team Concord?

If so, we hope you’ll let us know so we can recognize that coworker with a "High 5 for Excellent Service."  You can get started by clicking the blue Nominate button below to fill out the nomination form or call us at 704-920-6400 to submit your acknowledgment via the telephone voicemail line.

Recent High 5s

She was very understanding and patient with me. She made sure to provide me with great assistance. Her tone of voice is very pleasant.

Submitted 11/14/2022

Bobby Teal, James Whitley, Kyle Franklin
On the morning of Nov. 4th my car experienced a flat tire and I was forced to pull off onto the road in front of the water plant. Bobby Teal, James Whitley, and Kyle Franklin witnessed my situation and asked if I needed assistance. After learning that I had no tools with me they kindly changed my tire for me. I just want to say THANK YOU! to them for all that they do and for helping me this morning.

Submitted 11/04/2022

Savannah Plott
We called several times to get water turned on in our new home in the last few days. We got quite a runaround until we finally got Savannah on the phone. She walked us through the process step by step and was so polite and patient with us non-technical folks. You should have more customer service people like Savannah!

Submitted 10/20/2022

Thank you for the outstanding service provided to WEINSTEIN MANAGEMENT CO. We appreciate the courtesy emails sent on any missing bills for the year to keep us current and up to date on all our accounts. Having someone like April makes our company run smoothly in the utility billing department and we are appreciative of the good relationship established. April is our go to contact if we, are ever in need. The trust I have in April is amazing. I wish there was an April at all our vendor locations we work with. April makes you want to email her because she gets it done. The response time provided, and her professional attitude is exceptional.

Submitted 10/13/2022

Sarah Bell
We started working with Sarah Bell about 3 weeks ago. In the early 1960s (about 60 years ago) a Concord resident purchased cemetery plots for himself and his family. The health of one of the purchaser’s children is failing, and that child’s children (the purchaser’s grandchildren) are attempting to prepare for his passing, including identifying a cemetery plot. Due to the passage of time, it was difficult for the family to locate all necessary papers to establish who is entitled to use of the plots. However, when Ms. Bell got involved, moving forward became substantially easier. She was always polite and explained what documentation would work. When the family experienced difficulty, Ms. Bell would identify a ‘Plan B’ to move matters forward. At every step of the process, Ms. Bell demonstrated a ‘can do’ spirit. She helped minimize the family’s stress in a difficult time. She embodies the best of Concord.

Submitted 09/22/2022

Officer Hollifield and Officer Crouch
My parents were stranded at a doctors apt. My mom went to get the car for my father who suffers from Parkinson’s and their vehicle was dead as a door nail. These officers responded quickly and with grace to ease my parents and aid in them able to travel home safely. God bless them and our entire Dept for their service and support of the community.

Submitted 09/20/2022

Joshua Gray, Transportation
Customer had tree fall in the road over the weekend, Joshua came out and removed for her. The citizen advised he was a kind, professional, hardworking young man and that was hard to find today. She advised she has lived in another municipality for over 20 years and never received the level of service that she has received from us. She was also grateful that Joshua told her that her fence was broken and her dog could get out. She stated that he did such a wonderful job and was so thankful for the time he took to assist her and his honesty.

Submitted 09/06/2022

Sherry Cochran
I wanted to compliment Sherry on a job well done today. She was able to assist me and walk me through setting up bank draft. Sherry was very professional, polite, courteous and knowledgeable. I am very appreciative to her for her assistance as well as to the City for all of the services you all provide. Thank you!

Submitted 09/02/2022

Alanea Wilson
Alanea helped me setting up new service. I am 91 years old and slow on computers but Alanea was mighty patient and walked me through every step to get my service set up and this business taken care of. She is top notch in her field and you are lucky to have her!

Submitted 09/01/2022

Officer Peace Jr
Officer Peace was very helpful when he assisted me in changing my tire, as I felt stranded. He displayed professionalism and is what any law enforcement officer should aspire to be. Thank you, Officer Peace!

Submitted 08/25/2022

Michael Deese
Mr. Deese went above and beyond in taking care of my son's grave site. I will be forever thankful. He deserves this high five!

Submitted 08/23/2022

Topanga Allred
Miss Tapanga was truly a blessing to my husband and I today at the airport at allegaint for our first flight in 50 years.

Submitted 08/16/2022

Alanea Wilson
Courteous and respectful, Mrs. Wilson was very helpful in dealing with the request I presented. Best of all, in closing the matter at hand, she summarized the details of the task completed to ensure all was clearly understood by both parties. A professional and appreciated aspect.

Submitted 08/13/2022

Robbie Drye
I nominate Robbie Drye for a High Five for excellence for working at our house on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. I assume that Robbie was with "electric" department since he was trimming tree branches away from power lines that day. Robbie and his crew were working in front of our house on a very hot July morning - around 8:30 - 9:00. Robbie was running the "bucket" and trimming tree branches growing around or near the power lines. We were watching from our living room window. The next thing we knew the truck was staged in our driveway and Robbie was doing a thorough and extensive job on a large tree in our front yard. It was amazing to watch the great care he took in his work. We went out on the front porch to wat h for a few minutes. He even stopped when I asked him to "hold up" a minute so I could move a couple of potted plants I had out of the way. A member of his crew,, Daniel saw what I was doing and came right over and moved them for me. He took some time to speak to my husband when he got down from the bucket. He told my husband that anytime he had a concern that he should call. My husband was asking him a few questions. He took the time to answer all his questions and he couldn't have been more pleasant. When the crew began clean up of our yard, he was working right along side the crew making sure everything was cleaned up. We told Robbie and his crew that it sure was good to see that there are still folks who are not afraid of hard work these days. We know that Robbie has been working hard for many years. I saw him working at another house the next day up the street from our house. His work is very thorough. The city should feel confident that they are getting at least %110 hard work from Robbie Drye and his crew. We appreciate him and want him to know.

Submitted 07/19/2022

Dallas Blackwelder
A GREAT BIG HIGH 5 to Dallas Blackwelder who was working with a crew at our house on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. They were trimming a trees growing around the power lines What an excellent job they did. They were here for a while on a very hot July morning. Dallas helped move a couple of my potted tomato plants so they would not get damaged. When all the branches and foliage were down he and his brother ( I think, Daniel) carried on cleaning up our yard until all branches and foliage were run through the grinder. When they were almost done my husband and I were talking to Dallas and Daniel. I told them.that it sure was good to see people who were not afraid of hard work in this day and age. We told them.we appreciated the great care they took on our property. We asked the names so we could send in our praise and appreciation. He was so kind and polite in taking the time to talk to my husband and myself. Please let him know how much we appreciate everything.

Submitted 07/19/2022

Daniel Blackwelder
The young man, Daniel Blackwelder was working with a crew at our house on the morning of July 13, 2022. They were trimming tree branches that were growing around the power lines. They were there a while. It was impressive to watch them work with great care in our front and side yard. Daniel even moved some potted tomato plants I had in my front yard out of the way so they wouldn't get hurt by falling branches and foliage. When.the tree trimming was finished Daniel and crew raked up everything that was in our yard. Then they put the tree debris into the grinder. I spoke to him when they were almost done and told him it was good to see folks that are not afraid of hard work in this day and age. He was so polite and thanked me for the compliment. It was already a very hot day at 9:30 in the morning. He was very pleasant to speak to and a very hard worker. Please let him know how much we appreciate it.

Submitted 07/19/2022

James Carter
As a previous employee with the city, I was absolutely blown away by the level of customer service provided by James when I called to inquire about having my previous employment verified. Not only was he incredibly polite and accommodating, he did not hesitate to give me a hand and help me with what I needed. In 12 years of employment with the city I can honestly say I've never received that level of treatment and kindness from HR and I am very pleased to see such great customer service coming from that office. It was rather refreshing to call and hear a friendly voice on the other end of the line. Thank you, James!

Submitted 07/12/2022

Dexter Zimmerman
I saw Dexter sitting in his truck at my driveway. I just moved here from CA two weeks ago and put the empty moving boxes at the side of my home as I unpacked. Rain came and made a mess of them. I scheduled a handyman to come this wknd to cut them up and take them away. My first thought was that I was going to get cited for the boxes. I approached officer Zimmerman and explained. He was so kind to put the boxes in his truck and take them away for me and welcoming me to the neighborhood. Five stars for Officer Zimmerman!

Submitted 07/12/2022

Officer Kelemecz and Officer Baker
I live near the greenway and often walk there. I feel so much safer knowing the officers are there patrolling on their bikes. I may not always see them, but just knowing they are somewhere close by gives me peace of mind. When I do see them, I always get a hello and a smile! Keep up the good work and know that all of the officers are appreciated.

Submitted 07/07/2022

Officer Baker
I was at QT on 601 and 49 getting gas. Got back in my car and it would not start. I went to an officer (Baker) as he was leaving QT. He helped me by finding out my key fob needed a new battery. He stayed with me until my husband could get there. He was so nice and tried to keep me calm. Glad I live in a town where police officers are kind and helpful.

Submitted 07/04/2022