We are committed to Excellent Service.

Over 1,000 people in our organization spend every day focused on providing the services needed to keep our community moving.  Regardless of which department, all of Concord’s coworkers are committed to providing excellent, customer-focused service.  Nine principles help us deliver a high level of quality services: Concern for the Individual, Customer Focus, Fair and Equitable Service, Professional Service, Effective Communications, Taking Ownership, Timeliness, Teamwork, and Great Service Recovery.

Have you experienced great service from Team Concord?

If so, we hope you’ll let us know so we can recognize that coworker with a "High 5 for Excellent Service."  You can get started by clicking the blue Nominate button below to fill out the nomination form or call us at 704-920-6400 to submit your acknowledgment via the telephone voicemail line.

Recent High 5s

Aleana, Desmond Miller, and Waste Management team
A very unattractive issue was resolved promptly and efficiently after speaking with Aleana, who then connected me with Desmond. What a great group! yver v

Submitted 10/06/2021

They do a great job taking care of my sons grave. Thank you all

Submitted 09/03/2021

Curtis Mitchell
I met Curtis Mitchell while I was at Caldwell Park dropping off my grandson for summer day camp. He is a jewel! He works so hard at maintaining the cleanliness and upkeep of the park. He is devoted to working hard, and he completes all of his assignments diligently and responsibly. He is a pure joy to talk with! What a wonderful employee the city has with Curtis Mitchell!

Submitted 08/31/2021

Alanea Wilson
I had an excellent experience with a wonderful rep named Alanea. I needed help with an issue on my utility bill, and she turned a stressful situation into a pleasant and seamless outcome. She was so easy to work with, probably the best customer service I have ever had with the City!

Submitted 08/30/2021

Ashleigh Hinson, Jamie Kirby, Vicki Love, Erin Broadway, and Martha Barnhardt
This team of telecommunicators embraced the spirit of Team Concord while working with the electric department on Saturday, August 14th. On call crews had been working relentlessly for the last 24 hours to restore power to the citizens of Concord during numerous storms. The Communications team expressed empathy and their support by coming together to provide the electric crews with lunch. This simple act of kindness is the living, breathing heart beat of what it means to be Team Concord. Thank you Communications for your thoughtfulness, and thank you to the electric department for your willingness and dedication to aiding the citizens of Concord.

Submitted 08/14/2021

Tammy Linn, Sandy Franklin, Cindy Jones
I want to thank these employees for helping with my utility account in which we found the SSI discount was not reflected. They were all very nice and professional looking into the situation. I was very anxious and worried about my bill. I was called back and given an explanation of what happened and provided a credit for the time this occurred. I pray for blessings for all of these ladies and want to thank them for such great customer service.

Submitted 08/06/2021

Erin Brooks
Erin has taken over a Summer Playground that is unlike any summer camp before it. She has planned, guided, and been a strong leader; ensuring that each camp is served beyond expectation. As a city of Concord employee, and a mother of participating campers, I commend Erin for the wonderful experience that campers have talked about, as well as the experience of full time and season staff that she is in charge of. Amazing teamwork Erin, and thank you!

Submitted 07/16/2021

Bryan Cook came out and assessed an "at risk" tree and removed it properly and came back to remove the rest of the debris. thank you too all workers on the crew for a job well done

Submitted 07/13/2021

Shannon Sturdivant
Ms. Shannon Sturdivant went above and beyond to take care of my needs and concerns. As a new customer who recently moved from Florida to Concord, North Carolina, it feels great to know that you have professional and courteous employees who make you feel welcomed and truly care about your concerns. Ms. Sturvidant took the time to answer very patiently all my questions...always with a positive answer! She was extremely polite and kind! I highly recommend her!

Submitted 07/12/2021

Lorry Stegall
I moved to NC only 1 month ago and had many questions concerning my water, sewer and trash services. From helping me with online billing and payment information, to ordering a water pressure inspection for my home, and providing me with information on how to remove a wooden pallet from my property, Lorry was professional, courteous, and patient in providing answers to all of my concerns. Great Customer Service has become a rarity nowadays, however Lorry has exhibited exceptional Customer Service that I had come to believe had disappeared from business practices. Thank you Lorry for your time and your dedication in serving the City of Concord, NC.

Submitted 07/01/2021

Brooke Nance
Today our Customer Service Representative Brooke bought us lunch from a well known Chicken and Pickles restaurant. I sincerely appreciate her thoughtfulness and constant caring for the line crew and I am very fortunate to have her on my team!

Submitted 06/24/2021

Officer Antonides, Officer Manning, and Officer Trzeciak
A caller who would like to stay anonymous stated these Officers handled the matter very professional and wanted to give credit where credit was due. Caller mentioned the whole team took the matter serious and listened to what they needed. Thank you.

Submitted 06/23/2021

Walter and Katie
Walter and Katie are the two best fuel handlers at Concord Airport. They are always fast, efficient, helpful, courteous and safe. Thanks Walter and Katie!

Submitted 06/14/2021

Officer Timmy Mullins
On my way to work at 7 in the morning I saw Officer Mullins assisting someone and trying to jump their car off as their car had cut off at a stop light. I know that officers are here to protect and serve, but Officer Mullins went above and beyond his duty by helping this citizen.

Submitted 06/08/2021

Topanga, Darren, Laura
I flew back into Concord-Padgett Regional airport after a 4 day trip. When I got to my car, it wouldn't start. I live 3 hours away from the airport and wasn't sure what to do. An Allegiant Air employee ( Howard) let me use his jumper cables, but there were no cars leaving the airport at that time. Topanga was in the airport and heard my dilemma. She and Laura were so helpful, and Laura tried jumping my car with the van. When that didn't work, Darren came over with the truck and tried jumping my car. It was extremely hot but Laura and Darren stood outside and tried diligently to get my car started. It still didn't work, and I had to call emergency roadside assistance. All three employees, Laura, Darren, and Topanga went out of their way to help us. They were so concerned and nice and went above and beyond to try and help us get my car started. Topanga stayed to make sure we had a ride home and even helped me look for rental cars. The Avis car representative, Gordon, was also so helpful and stayed longer than his shift to help us in case we needed a car. Emergency roadside assistance got my car started, but Topanga and Gordon stayed until they knew we had a ride home. I can't express enough how much I appreciate all of their help. They really did provide excellent customer service and because of them, I will try and fly out of Concord-Padgett all of the time. I can't thank them enough for their assistance and they really should be recognized for their excellence!

Submitted 06/07/2021

Gwendolyn Murdock
Today we received a phone call for directions to Smoke Pitt. Gwen answered the phone and assisted the person for over 5 minutes with directions by streets and landmarks. This person was not from the area, she was from Canada, and although she was aggravated, Gwen was patient with her. At the end, the lady was happy and yelling over the phone that she made it! Thanks Gwen for all you do!.

Submitted 06/02/2021

Savannah Plott
I wanted to compliment your employee Savannah. Any time I call and get Savannah on the phone she is always so nice and just goes out of her way to help me. She is very kind, very professional and really went out of her way to get me the help I needed today. Her kindness left me in tears, and I want to commend her for being so amazing. You have a wonderful employee!

Submitted 05/18/2021

Officer Christy Jones
My son was working at Great Wolf Lodge and went out to his car to find it running very loud. He didn't dare drive it, so after calling me and my husband a few times (it was after 10 so we were sleeping) he decided to walk home... to Midland. At 10 something at night. (I have since educated him on better choices) He saw Officer Christy Jones near where he was, and she drove him home safely. To Midland! My husband and I are so grateful as who knows what could have happened!

Submitted 04/28/2021

Officer A. Berry
Officer Berry received a call for service in regards to a male sleeping under a tree on Union Street South near Wilshire Avenue SW. Officer Berry took the time to speak with the individual who told him he was homeless and had no way to get anywhere. Officer Berry asked the individual if there was anything he could to to help and the gentleman asked for a ride. Without hesitation, Officer Berry gave the individual a ride and made sure he had what he needed to get by until his situation could improve. Great Job Officer Berry!

Submitted 04/26/2021

Alanea Wilson
Alanea was a great help today. She answered all of my questions and gave me all of the other information needed. I wanted to thank her for her authenticity and genuine care for people.

Submitted 04/20/2021